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A High-Impact Blended Solution

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​People are often promoted because they are functionally good at their role, not because they know

how to manage others. As a result, we can set good employees up for failure when we promote

them into people management positions with little skills or knowledge as to how to help others


This 4-month blended program is designed to help managers apply a set of best practice tools and

techniques to sustain high performance, retention and employee satisfaction. Through this group,

and personalized approach, participants will learn how to:


  • Recognize their strengths and potential de-railers

  • Build team trust and regular communication loops

  • Set clear performance expectations to help self and others succeed

  • Establish team goals and motivate engagement

  • Hold effective coaching sessions with direct reports

  • Effectively deal with performance issues

  • Recognize efforts and manage-up effectively


3-Step Curriculum 

1. Pre-work 

Prior to the onsite workshop, each participant will take the Kohler & Company Management

Skills Assessment, and the DISC Communication Style and Behavior Motivator. Participants

will be given access to their personalized COACHPORT page; a proprietary secure software

program where participants can review assessments, goals, assignments, and training



2. Onsite Workshop

In this highly interactive 1-day workshop participants will gain greater self and other

awareness.  Leading-edge skills in management and coaching will be taught through lessons

and experiential learning.


3. Follow up Coaching

Each participant will receive 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with a dedicated certified 

executive coach. Coaching sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length and are held via

live video conference through COACHPORT. Each coaching session is designed to help

participants apply and personalize key management skills learned in the workshop. 

Candidates will have access to their coach and their COACHPORT account for a period of 6-

months from the beginning of the program. 


Who Should Participate?

This program is designed for new or seasoned leaders in a current people management role. Participants must be at a manager, director, or VP level. 



This program is recommended for 6 or more managers and pricing will be determined based on the

size of the group. For prices please contact us at

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