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In an extensive study conducted by MetrixGlobal LLC, companies received an average return of $7.90 for every $1 invested in executive coaching. 


Other studies have reported that coaching results in a 67% increase in teamwork, 61% increase in job satisfaction and 22% increase in bottom-line profitability.


Over the past 18 years, Kohler & Company has helped leaders navigate dramatic changes within themselves and their organizations to achieve high impact results. Here are a few examples:

Cable-Stayed Bridge Tower

Client was leading one of the fastest growing cable channels with limited resources. Initial self-evaluation and 360 interviews revealed communication and performance issues within the team causing bottlenecks within the organization. Through the coaching program, the client developed a more strategic, concise and assertive leadership approach resulting in the release of underperforming direct reports and the hiring of stronger personnel. Quality of programming and ratings increased as did the client's ability to manage up to parent company more effectively and to obtain additional resources to grow the channel.

Senior Vice President

Client was a seasoned executive with strong communication skills. Interviews revealed the client's daily efforts were directed toward passions that had limited influence on his department. After evaluating the client’s strengths, we realigned him toward international programming where he was able to use his European roots and multi-lingual skills to attract key projects with global appeal. The client immediately thrived with the new direction, resulting in the purchase of two high potential projects by senior leaders within the six month coaching period.

Brainstorming Session
Executive Vice President, Human Resources

An active client for over 10 years, this individual has engaged our services at various companies to coach division executives to increase overall performance in their organizations. Our coaching and consulting has also helped her to personally achieve multiple promotions within Fortune 500 corporations. In her current position, we worked together to develop incoming department Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents under a new corporate chairman. With the help of coaching, the new team moved a network from a number 4 ranking into the number 1 position in just three years. 

Professional Applause
Chief Techincal Officer, Software Company 

Client was a high potential technical leader with strong critical thinking skills and extensive development experience. Assessment revealed that his direct communication style was negatively impacting morale and the retention of key employees. Once the unintended effect of his actions were brought to his attention, he embraced new interpersonal skills that resulted in a more collaborative team environment and the successful implementation of an agile software development process. Overall morale and team satisfaction increased. Post employee retention rate remains at 100% one year after coaching.

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