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One-on-one coaching has proven to be the most effective and sustainable form of talent development. By combining insights derived from our assessment process, our seasoned coaching experience, and our clients' knowledge as the experts in their industries, we create powerful coaching partnerships that achieve significant and sustainable results. 


People are often promoted because they are functionally good at their role, not because they know how to manager others. We can often set good employees up for failure when we promote them into people management roles with little skills or knowledge as to how to help others succeed.


Our world is in need of leaders who represent a diverse population of employees. Employees who by gender, race, or sexual orientation have traditionally lacked the modeling that inspires career goals and leadership aspirations. Kohler & Company's Leadership Accelerator program uses all of the tools and skills we have acquired coaching high-level executives to assist in the growth of high potential individuals 


For over 18 years, Dawn Kohler and associates have combined the best of coaching and consulting to help clients lead major change initiatives, increase individual and corporate performance, develop successful teams, and enhance personal and professional effectiveness in the workplace. 


Our passion is to help companies thrive in changing markets by developing key talent within the organization. By combining insights derived from our assessment process, our business acumen, and our clients' experiences as the experts in their industries, we create a powerful partnership to achieve significant and sustainable results. 


Our coaches are certified, have held senior leadership positions, and have extensive education in business and performance psychology. 


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